Our dedicated researchers are true Citizens of Change, delivering world-changing research to improve and enrich lives in Leicester, the UK and beyond. 

Dr David Unwin and colleagues overturned the idea that dinosaurs only lived on land.

Dr David Unwin
Reader in Palaeobiology

Professor Mark Williams and his team are studying how non-native species are changing the world.

Professor Mark Williams
Professor of Palaeobiology

A true Citizen of Change, Professor Clokie’s ground-breaking work has led to the discovery of bacteriophages that are waging war on some of the most resilient superbugs.

Professor Martha Clokie
Professor of Microbiology

Our expertise in planetary space missions, gained through projects such as Cassini, led to our involvement with NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter. Thirteen years after we joined the project, Juno finally entered Jovian orbit in July 2016.

Professor Stan Cowley
Professor of Solar Planetary Physics

Development of standardised approach to child mental health/trauma issues in areas of war/violence, spread across eight countries.

Professor Panos Vostanis
Professor of Child Mental Health

A Leicester team led by Professor Peter Andrew and Professor Russell Wallis used X-ray crystallography to determine the molecular structure of pneumolysin, the toxin which is central to pneumonia.

Professor Russell Wallis
Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Trees and grassy areas make urban environments more pleasant places to live, work and play – but they can also have practical benefits. We collaborated with aerial survey specialists Bluesky to calculate the benefits of green infrastructure within urban areas.

Professor Paul Monks
Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry and Earth Observation Science

The Research Centre for Museums and Galleries worked with the National Trust to explore how cultural organisations can play a part in tackling the contemporary challenge of isolation and loneliness.

Professor Suzanne MacLeod
Professor of Museum Studies