Ignite is our on campus offer that combines online and on campus learning

A new world needs a new way to study. Ignite combines face to face, on-campus study with flexible digital learning. Ignite is a blended approach to providing the education you deserve without compromising your safety. So you can fully enjoy your university experience, both physically and virtually, and switch easily between the two as and when you need to.

From day one, you will be able to meet and make friends for life, in person, at university. With accommodation packages to match.

With ignite, you will have the flexibility to switch easily between a real-world university experience and a virtual one, as and when you need to. So, you will always have access to our world-leading academics, our coronavirus-safe campus, your circle of friends and still be a part of our inclusive campus community.

?How it works

  1. Small group learning sessions, such as tutorials and seminars, will run face-to-face and/or be live cast online;
  2. Larger lectures will be delivered by live cast and/or recorded, so you can login when you want and watch from the comfort of your room in halls or from home;
  3. Academic and personal support will be available to you either virtually or face-to-face to respond to your needs. This will include weekly check-ins on your progress and well-being;
  4. You will be matched with a peer mentor (usually in their second or third year of study) to guide you through your transition to university;
  5. Our award-winning student support services, from the library to careers to well-being, will be available both face-to-face and online with many of these available 24/7;
  6. New flexible accommodation packages allow you to choose your on-campus living option to meet your study and student experience requirements;
  7. We will offer a vibrant and safe on-campus social experience to ensure you settle in and make friends;
  8. Our campus-based activities and face-to-face learning will adapt with the national and local situation.

Benefits for you

  1. This best of both worlds approach puts you in control of your student life;
  2. You will have a fresh blended learning experience especially created to suit you and the subject you are studying;
  3. Meet and make friends for life, face-to-face and online, from day one at university;
  4. Enables students and academics to connect and engage wherever you are;
  5. Outstanding student support, both online and face-to-face, which helps you to succeed;
  6. Enhanced IT and technical support through a dedicated Tech Team and extra laptop loan provision;
  7. Flexible accommodation options to help you manage the cost of university and find a package to meet your needs;
  8. You will be in safe hands – we will use over 25 years of distance learning experience to bring out the best in your education.

Hear from our students and academics on their experiences, and the benefits, of dual learning.

Live events

Thursday, 30 June

10.00am until 3.00pm (BST)

Postgraduate Digital Open Day

Get up-to-date information about postgraduate study with the University Leicester. Chat with academics, staff and students, learn more about our new flexible approach ‘ignite’, ask us about courses starting in September 2020 and January 2021 as well as bursaries and discounts, explore online distance learning options and see how postgraduate study can support your career. Register now.

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